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Donations from the UK

November 19, 2008

The North Devon Respect Festival team has donated 925 pounds (over 1,500 USD) to Project OKURASE to go toward the building of the school and for an event to promote unity and celebrate many cultures as being different but equal. Sharon Plucknett of Torrington, England has also donated toys and books to be used by the children at Project OKURASE. The Project OKURASE team would like to thank Jake, Jude, Will, the North Devon Respect team, Sharon, and the people of Torrington.

Former Mayor of Totnes (a market town in South Devon, England), David Horsburgh, accompanied Samuel Nkrumah Yeboah on a visit to the Grove School in Totnes. While there, they received notice that the school is donating 200 pounds toward the building of the school in Okurase. The team at Project OKURASE wish to thank the children, teachers, staff and school officials for helping the children of Ghana.