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Children Lead the Way – The Story of Francisco

December 1, 2008

When we were in Los Angeles I had an experience that made me take great pause. We were at Kester Elementary doing drumming workshops and I had talked with a group of chlidren about building the school in Ghana. At the end of the workshop, a little boy around age 8 named Francisco came up and put down two one-dollar bills on the table. He looked down and humbly said, “I know it’s not much but I want to help the children in Ghana.” I was taken aback and gave this small boy a hug and talked to him about how much he had just helped. That’s not all. Later I found out that the $2 was his lunch money. I wish I could meet Francisco’s family to congratulate them on raising a very fine boy. It made me think, how many times have I given up my lunch money to help a child? I wish there were many more Franciscos in the world. Who says children can’t be role models for adults?