Bricklaying Begins


Congratulations to everyone involved with Project OKURASE on coming to the phase of bricklaying for the vocational school that is part of the Nkabom Centre for Skills Training and Formal Education.  People from Okurase village learned to make the compressed earth bricks in a training program in the village. They then made the bricks that are being used to build the vocational school. The bricklaying is going well and rapidly bringing the first floor of the building together. We offer our strongest thanks to Mother Earth for providing the raw materials.

This is what creating change is all about – taking charge of your life’s direction, setting goals for what you know will work to bring change and save lives, creating partnerships for resources, and doing whatever it takes to realize those goals. Sometimes this process can be intense and long and takes great patience. Project OKURASE has been a great teacher of patience for us all.

 There is an African saying, “If you want to go fast go alone; If you want to go far go together”.  Together we can make it happen. Never give up hope.

Congratulations to the people of Okurase  – keep up the good work!

Bricklaying Begins


Bricklaying Continues


Bricklaying Takes Off!


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