Dear Okurase family and interested folk:
I am here in the village and am writing to you because the building has been going on every day, people have been working their hearts out and we have come to a situation where we are out of resources. It’s not just a matter of stopping building for a bit. It’s a matter of committed village brick makers not being able to earn a living, feed their children and the strong possibility that we will lose our engineer who is on site to oversee the building. More than ever we need your back up. What do we do?
The bottom line is this – We need about 20,000 US dollars or 12,290 Pounds to keep going to the point that we can lay bricks. Donations can be made through the website
For the past weeks, as you all may be aware, we have continued to build the middle part of the building and work on finishing touches of the lower and upper parts, filling in with dirt/filling sand. We still have more filling to do. The next stage is to construct the top of the middle part that would be suspended to allow the water to freely flow under it.
Here are the needs:
Iron/steel rods
*5/8″ 2 tons GHC1038.50X2= GHC 2077.00
*1/2″ 4 tons  GHC 990.00X4= GHC 3960.00
*3/8″ 1 ton    GHC 684
* binding wire 1 bundle  GHC 35
Total GHC 6756.00 (GHC = Ghana Cedis)

Iron/steel rods
*Filling sand
*Concrete sand
*funds for transport of material etc
*Fund for payment of salaries for the month of February and March
*Funds for the payment of SSNIT and IRS for the months of February and March
*Funds for payment of Carpenter and Mason

Most part of the needs are estimated and stated below

1. 4 trips of stones from Quarry (88 cubit meters X GHC29 per cubic meter ) = GHC 2552.00

2. 250 bags of cement GHC12.20 X 259 = GHC3050.00
3. Transport for cement   (not yet known)
4. 250 pcs of board        250 X GHC4.00 = GHC1000.00
5. 20 trips of sand for concrete and more blocks (likely to be more) 20X GHC50.00 = GHC1000.00
6. 4 more trips of water 4X GHC70.00 = GHC280.00
7. 120 pcs of 2″x4″ wood (Excluding support woods for the decking. For the support we are looking at getting some bamboos around the area, which we expect to be cheaper than 2″x4″ woods)  120×3.50 = GHC 420.00
8. Transport for stones from Quarry GHC300.00×4 =GHC1200.00
9. 9 boxes of 2″, 3″ and 4″ nails      9xGHC 20.00 = 180
10. Not less than 15 more trips of gravel for filling (could be more) 15x GHC50.00 = GHC750.00
11. Salary for February and March-estimated at GHC1800.00X2=GHC 3600.00
12. SSNT and IRS for February and March-estimated at GHC 110.00
 14 transport for iron rods etc. Estimated at GHC 150.00

When we are done with building the middle part, we would need to hire a rumping machine to rump the inside of the building before we start laying the bricks.

Total budget for needs as estimated and stated above minus cost of transport for Cement etc is GHC 21048.00. So we need to plan around a budget of GHC 25000.000 or $17000.00 to complete the current stage of the building which is where we are now ( building the middle part in the wet area, that would be suspended to allow the water to flow under it, and to complete other parts to get the structure ready for brick laying in the next stage)

No money to pay salaries, SSNIT, IRS.

So help us God!!!



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