Okurase Brickmakers made 60,000 compressed earth bricks before the machine that was on loan to them was returned to its owner. There were not enough bricks to build the Nkabom Centre for Skills Training and Formal Education, which is the goal. It was a dark day that the machine left Okurase and we all wondered how to move forward.

Partnerships are about sharing knowledge and resources. As it turns out, the next step was the design and completion of new brickmaking machines that Project OKURASE would own.  So, in August 2010 a steamship left the Charleston, South Carolina harbor carrying 4 new brickmaking machines designed by Clemson University Architecture Centre, funded by Holy Cross Church of Sullivan’s Island, shipped by the Medical University of South Carolina, and moved to the village by His Excellency Alhaji Nantogma Abdulai, President of the Canadian Business Association Ghana. The journey was long and we all wish the machines could tell the story of crossing the ocean. But the story we tell together with the machines that are now in Okurase, Ghana is amazing.

 The Okurase Brickmakers have now tested the machines and THEY WORK!!!!  Thank you to everyone involved. We are now back on track.

Okurase Brickmakers test the new machines


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