Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troup Performs for TV3 in Accra, Ghana

Six months ago when the children of Okurase village were brought together to learn traditional dance and drumming, no one would guess that On February 19, 2011 they would make their television debut as a formal cultural troupe on TV 3 Sunrise show.
For many of the children this trip was their first time to Accra and the first time to be away from home overnight. So we were determined to help them have a great experience. We thank producer Sizalo from TV 3 for making this event wonderful. Fifteen of the children traveled to Accra and danced with all their hearts on the 7 am show along with their teachers, Atta Darko and Powerful. The performance was well received by the TV3 staff. We truly believe that the Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe has now been publicly launched in Ghana.

Okurase Children at TV3

After the TV 3 performance, we took the children on a tour of the National Theatre, Independence Square, and the Arts Centre.  At Independence Square they were quite taken with the flowers in bloom. At the Arts Centre we had the opportunity to walk down to the beach to fulfill their special request – to see the sea for the first time. Then, our children joined with the Street Children’s Academy in an event and performed on stage. We welcomed Drs. John and Traci Lynne Brewer and their children to the event. John is in Ghana serving as a physician for the American Embassy.
The children were very well received at the Arts Centre performance. Nana and Auntie Esther prepared lunch, which was enjoyed at Powerful Drums Shop. Then the children boarded a trotro back to Okurase. We thank all involved in making this journey happen – Ben, Honourable, Alhaji, the parents and families of the children.. and many more.

Okurase Children By The Sea in Accra

This is a day that none of us will ever forget. It was a day that changes lives and puts children on a path that they were previously not on.
Go Nkabom Children’s Cultural Troupe… We are proud of you!!!

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